What would you do?

This morning I asked Giovanni: “what would you do tomorrow if you knew it would be your last day on earth and you aren’t allowed to leave our piece of land?”. Hard question!? He asked me: “and you, what would you do?”.

We often live as if our days are guaranteed, as if  there always will be a tomorrow. With that in mind I would start changing a little piece of our land into a place where we can relax and unwind after a day of hard work. A place where we can sit down with a cup of tea and smell the perfume of the freesias in springtime. A place where we can enjoy the sunset during the summer days. A place to just do nothing!

Our future place to just do nothing!

But why should I even start with all that work knowing that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy using the endresult? In fact, I wouldn’t even finish it because it’s more than a day’s work. The answer is simple: I would hope that it wouldn’t be my last day, that I would have a another day left. A day in which I would have the possibility to continue what I had started,  so that one day – in the near uncertain future – Giovanni and I would have a nice little place outdoors to just do nothing 🙂 !

So will tomorrow be my last day? Or will I procrastinate on my idea and I tell myself that I’ll start building our outdoor place next week because there will always be a tomorrow?

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