Thinking about next year …

It’s the time of year that peaches are in season. Originated in China the fruit arrived in Rome in the first century AD. The fruit had already spread throughout the Mediterranean Sea basin thanks to Alexander the Great. This very popular and delicious stone fruit, what a collective name for various fruits with a hard stone pit, is like apricots in season from May to August.

At this moment one of our fridges seems to turn into a nursery for seeds. The “babies”, 5 apricot seeds and 8 peach seeds, are sleeping in their beds covered with soil. 

Next spring I’ll wake them up and hopefully they will grow fast. Let’s wait and see if this method of David the Good works 🙂 .

Next spring sounds a long way off, but before you know it the time has come. For that reason we’re kicking off a ‘Daily Special Deals’ series, starting 23 August 2020. Don’t miss out the opportunity to grab a holiday bargain!


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