Men Make Dinner Day …

The other day we informed you that, with the arrival of the holiday season, until the end of the year we’ll be having offers regarding the lamia on a regular basis. Tomorrow, November 7th, which also happens to be “Men in Dinner Day”, we’ll publish our first offer.

Men make dinner …

… is also known as “Prepare dinner for your wife.” So guys, follow Giovanni’s example and let the woman in your life take a break. Have her sit in her favorite armchair in the living room, with a glass of wine in her hand and put on her favorite movie. Than, take an apron, find a recipe and start preparing dinner by yourself! Why? Of course because you love your wife. And it’s an opportunity to truly amaze her with an excellent dinner!

Do you need some easy-to-prepare recipes? Our Facebook group “Cuciniamo!” gives you the opportunity to exchange simple but delicious recipes with fellow chefs. If you are not a member yet, become one and start finding a recipe that will be the right one for you.

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