naar het strand gaan; Go to the beach; Lamia Pellegrino; In Puglia in vacanza

Let’s go to the beach

Go to the beach; Lamia Pellegrino; In Puglia in vacanza Lamia Pellegrino has 2 bicycles that are available to guests. So why not use them for a bike ride to Punta Penna Grossa or Torre Guaceto? Let’s go to the beach!

On a beautiful day it’s worth while to grab your bike and go for a ride. And so we did the other day. At around 9 AM Giovanni and I were ready to go.

Adriatic Sea here we come

Leaving our plot, which is situated next to Lamia Pellegrino, we turn to the right. We are on the road to San Vito dei Normanni. From there we follow the SP 36 and the SP 37, they’ll lead us to the Adriatic Sea. 

San Vito is situated at 108 metres above sealevel, therefore the 14 km to the beach by bike are easy. We don’t rush, we enjoy the surrounding. During this time of year (spring) the roadside is filled with wildflowers. Butterflies are flying from flower to flower. And ofcourse ancient olive trees are everywhere where you look.

We pass the castle of Serranova. The elegant castle was built by the feudal lord Ottavio Serra in 1629. Once it was the summer residence of the noble family Dentice di Frasso of San Vito dei Normanni. Hopefully one day it will open its door for the public but for now it is inaccessible because it’s private property. So we keep on pedaling as the Adriatic Sea is our goal. 

Go to the beach; Lamia Pellegrino; In Puglia in vacanzaAfter about 45 minutes of relaxed riding our bikes we arrive at our destination, the beach of Punta Penna Grossa. The sea is calm and the sky is blue. And yes we’ve got the whole beach for us 🙂 . That’s one of the reasons why we suggest visiting Puglia during spring and autumn. Besides the not so crowded beaches, the temperatures aren’t as high as in July and August.  

We take off our shoes and walk barefoot towards the sea. The sand feels soft and warm on our feet. By dipping our feet in the water we check the temperature. Are we brave enough to take the plunge? To be honest, not really 🙂 .

Orecchiette con salsiccia e funghi cardoncelli

Go to the beach; Lamia Pellegrino; In Puglia in vacanzaAfter about an hour we prepare ourselves for the way back. One of our guests is chef Costantino from Bari and we were offered to taste a “primo piatto” for lunch. We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t want to taste a specialty of the Murgia barese. Let me tell you, the orecchiette con salsiccia e funghi cardoncelli are delicious. In case you’re not so lucky to have Chef Costantino cook for you after returning from your bike ride, here’s his recipe of orecchiette con salsiccia e funghi cardoncelli


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