Lavender and bees are very good friends!

Lavender and bees are very good friends! Bees love lavender in bloom, so having some lavender plants in your garden and let them bloom as long as they want, will result in bees saying ‘thank you’ . You’re helping them in their ‘mission’ to sustain their hive and produce honey.

That’s why we had our lavender bloom. But their comes a time the lavenderplants needs to be cut back. Cutting back the flowers isn’t that difficult as you can see Jane Edmanson explain in the video.

This morning I took my pruning scissors. For a moment my thoughts wandered back in time. A couple of years ago we had a wonderful lavender in the garden of Lamia Pellegrino which needed to be cut back. Not that difficult!? Long story short: the plant didn’t survive 🙁 The good thing of the whole story is that I learned a lot of my mistake. We now have 2  great looking plants and about 8 little ones to be planted this autumn along the lane we’re constructing.

I started cutting back the lavender flowers that had bloomed. The smell is fantastic! I’ll be using the flowerbuds for this year’s lavender soap. A quick calculation tells me that, from preparing the lavender infused olive oil to making the soap, the bars will be ready for use around november/december. So just in time for Christmas! Thinking about Christmas: there’s hardly any chance that Santa is going to skip the delivery of Christmas gifts for those who will spend their Christmas at Lamia Pellegrino 😉 . 


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