December is approaching fast

With the December month approaching fast so is the holiday season which runs from late November to early January. This festive season includes at least Christmas and New Year. 

When thinking of this season Advent comes to mind, the time of waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas. Advent is variable of length, the start date changes every year. It starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day – this year 1 December, and always ends on Christmas Eve.

Christmas nowadays is also associated with Santa Claus, his Reindeers and his workshop where Santa makes the presents given out at Christmas. 

Preparations for Christmas are at Pellegrino already in full swing. We’re having our own Christmas workshop this time of year where our very special reindeer Rudolph, as a limited edition, is being made. And what about our “12 days of cookies” which is now being tested on a daily basis 🙂 . 

Speeking of cookies, yesterday Jetty had the pleasure of participating in a Cake Design workshop where Santa was made with a Panettone as a base. The video gives you an impression of a really fantastic workshop organized by Anna Maria Rubino of “Mini Party Rubino” in collaboration with la Maestra Mariella Pentassuglia.

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