Good morning with a good breakfast!

A good start of the day starts with a good breakfast. My preference is a Dutch breakfast: a whole wheat sandwich with …, fruit and a milk product such as the vanilla custard I made yesterday. But nowadays I also regularly have an Italian breakfast on my menu. I wonder what your breakfast normally consists of. Send me your breakfast with photo and possibly the recipe (to or WhatsApp 00393270912079) and I will post it on our website 🙂 .

Vanilla custard

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 1/2 liter of whole milk
  • 1 packet of vanilla-flavored sugar
  • 22 grams of sugar
  • 20 grams of cornstarch
  • 2 egg yolks


  • Put the milk together with the vanilla sugar in a pan and bring almost to a boil, stirring regularly.
  • In a bowl prepare a cream without lumps of the sugar, cornflour and egg yolks.
  • Add a little bit of warm milk to this cream and mix well.
  • Add the cream to the warm milk and from this moment on, stir slowly and continuously, over low/medium heat until it has thickened.
  • When thickened, pour into a sterilized glass bottle.
  • Close the bottle and turn it upside down and let it cool.
  • Keep in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow Lucia’s breakfast with her recipe of the two color nutella roll 🙂 .

What would you do?

This morning I asked Giovanni: “what would you do tomorrow if you knew it would be your last day on earth and you aren’t allowed to leave our piece of land?”. Hard question!? He asked me: “and you, what would you do?”.

We often live as if our days are guaranteed, as if  there always will be a tomorrow. With that in mind I would start changing a little piece of our land into a place where we can relax and unwind after a day of hard work. A place where we can sit down with a cup of tea and smell the perfume of the freesias in springtime. A place where we can enjoy the sunset during the summer days. A place to just do nothing!

Our future place to just do nothing!

But why should I even start with all that work knowing that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy using the endresult? In fact, I wouldn’t even finish it because it’s more than a day’s work. The answer is simple: I would hope that it wouldn’t be my last day, that I would have a another day left. A day in which I would have the possibility to continue what I had started,  so that one day – in the near uncertain future – Giovanni and I would have a nice little place outdoors to just do nothing 🙂 !

So will tomorrow be my last day? Or will I procrastinate on my idea and I tell myself that I’ll start building our outdoor place next week because there will always be a tomorrow?

Apple jam with coffee

Lucia’s virtual pen provided the recipe of apple jam with coffee.

Lucia’s tart with Apple and coffee jam

Ingredients for 2 jars of 250 grams apple jam with coffee:

  • 400 g of water
  • 250 g of sugar
  • 500 g of apples
  • 50 g of cognac
  • 20 g of powdered coffee


  • Dissolve the powdered coffee in 400 g of water in a saucepan; let stand for 15 minutes, then strain and set aside.
  • Peel the apples, put them in a small saucepan with lemon juice and sugar and cook them for about 10 minutes.
  • Add the filtered coffee and cook for another 40 minutes.
  • Add the cognac, mix well, let it cool and put in the jars, sterilized and dry.
  • Store in a dark and dry place.


A bit of color to brighten up these gray days

For Lucia and for anyone who needs a bit of color to brighten up these gray days.

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Caponata of artichokes

The printable version of the recipe can be found here.


  • 8 artichokes, cleaned, cooked and quartered
  • 30 ml of apple vinegar
  • 10 grams of pine nuts, roasted
  • 2 stalks of celery, washed and cut into slices
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove, finely chopped
  • 3 tablespoons of raisins
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar


  • Put the oil in a pan and add the garlic.
  • Fry (sauté) the garlic over low heat.
  • Add the celery and cook for a few minutes.
  • Add the artichokes, raisins, vinegar and sugar.
  • Stir well and bring to a boil.
  • Turn off the heat and allow to cool.
  • Taste and season with salt and pepper.
  • Divide on 4 plates and sprinkle with toasted pine nuts.

Our new toy for in the countryside

The pruning of the olive trees is currently in full swing. Last year the two of us were doing the job. This year we’ve got some help from our new toy: our woodchipper. 

According to Giovanni only tough men are able to use the woodchipper. But in my opinion the machine is also suitable for use by superwomen 😉 . For sure when they don’t forget to switch the “on/off” button to “on”. If they forget that, like I did the first time, starting the engine is hard, even for superwomen 🙂 .

Why a woodchipper?

The pruning of the trees is automatically accompanied by a lot of waste in the form of tree limbs. The bigger ones we save for next winter so that we have wood for our woodstove. But what to do with the smaller branches, which ar a lot? Burning them was and still isn’t an option for us. For that reason we went looking for a solution and we found it: we agreed that we needed a wood chipper. Last week our dream came true with the arrival of our shredder. This way we can finally close the circle of  the tree life: the branches are broken into pieces and those wood chips remain under the tree to provide protection and manure at the same time. And after a day of hard work they also make a really great soft “bed” to take a rest. 

We are proud and grateful that we again have been able to make another step in becoming “green”.

In Puglia In Vacanza – your (wellness) holiday in the countryside in a sustainable way!

The Apulian cuisine

Puglia is not only known for its beautiful cities and the Adriatic Sea. Puglia is also known for its splendid cuisine. The Apulian cuisine is simple and tasty and uses many herbs and spices such as rosemary, sage, basil, parsley, bay leaf, ….

The bayleaf tree is a Mediterranean plant that is widely used because of its aromatic essence. On our piece of land we’ve got some bayleaf trees and yesterday we pruned one of these trees while Tato, one of our cats, was performing the role of supervisor 🙂 .

Today we have a small Give Away: to 5 people we will send about 50 grams of bayleaves for free. To participate, just enter your name and e-mail in the form below and accept the terms and conditions * to participate in the draw. You will receive an e-mail confirming your participation in the draw.

You can participate until 20:00 on January 28, 2020, and at 21:00 we will announce the names of the winners on our website and on social media.

  • 5 winners
  • Prize:
    Circa 50 grammi di foglie di alloro

La cucina Pugliese



*Termini e Condizioni

  1. Sono messi in palio circa 50 grammi di foglie di alloro per 5 persone;
  2. I vincitori saranno scelti casualmente, tra tutti coloro che avranno inserito il proprio Nome ed indirizzo e-mail nel modulo generato da Simple Giveaways (;
  3. Il plug-in Simple Giveaways in data 28 gennaio 2020 alle ore 21:00 sceglierà casualmente i nomi dei vincitori;
  4. I 50 grammi di foglie di alloro sono gratuiti e saranno spediti gratuitamente;
  5. I vincitori riceveranno un'e-mail (controllare anche la cartella spam) alla quale devono rispondere entro 2 giorni dal ricevimento, e communicando i loro indirrizo postale;
  6. L'indirizzo e-mail è necessario per poter partecipare all'estrazione;
  7. L'alloro in omaggio non può essere convertito in denaro.

*Terms and conditions

  1. We’re giving to 5 winners around 50 grams of bay leaves;
  2. The winners will be chosen randomly, among all those who have entered their Name and e-mail address in the form generated by Simple Giveaways (;
  3. The Simple Giveaways plug-in on January 28, 2020 at 21:00 will randomly choose the names of the winners;
  4. The 50 grams of bayleaves are free and will be shipped for free;
  5. The winners will receive an e-mail (check also the spam folder) to which they must reply within 2 days of receipt, and communicating their postal address;
  6. The e-mail address is necessary in order to participate in the draw;
  7. The free bay leaves cannot be converted into cash.

Happy Hour Day

November 12th is “Happy Hour Day” in the United States. Happy hour is the term used to indicate a time of day in which bars, pubs, etc. offer drinks and food at discounted prices. Nowadays, even restaurants are practicing it today offering snacks at reduced prices. Usually, a happy hour includes two drinks or two appetizers for the price of one.


We too …

… have Happy Hour tomorrow!

Only tomorrow, November 12, from 18:00 to 20:00 we offer a two week stay, in our lamia, for the price of one. This 2 week stay for the price of one is possible from 15 November 2019 and by 30 May 2020. What do you have to do? Send an email at or send a WhatsApp message/call us at 00393270912079!

Did You Know…

…that the happy hour began as an event in the military? It is believed that the term comes from events organized by a club called the Happy Hour Social for the United States Navy in 1913.

Today’s number is …

Today, four years ago, we (Jetty & Giovanni) met for the first time. If you book today November 7th, you’ll have a discount on the rental fee of the lamia of 40%. The discount is valid for a stay from 15 November 2019 until 30 May 2020.

An example:

Let’s say you are our guest from December 21st to December 28th 2019. Normally you would pay for that one-week stay € 140 plus the cost of electricity and gas. If you book the lamia today November 7th, you will pay € 84 + the cost for electricity and gas for the same week.

How to book?

Just send us an e-mail to the following address:, indicating the required period and wait for our confirmation.

Men Make Dinner Day …

The other day we informed you that, with the arrival of the holiday season, until the end of the year we’ll be having offers regarding the lamia on a regular basis. Tomorrow, November 7th, which also happens to be “Men in Dinner Day”, we’ll publish our first offer.

Men make dinner …

… is also known as “Prepare dinner for your wife.” So guys, follow Giovanni’s example and let the woman in your life take a break. Have her sit in her favorite armchair in the living room, with a glass of wine in her hand and put on her favorite movie. Than, take an apron, find a recipe and start preparing dinner by yourself! Why? Of course because you love your wife. And it’s an opportunity to truly amaze her with an excellent dinner!

Do you need some easy-to-prepare recipes? Our Facebook group “Cuciniamo!” gives you the opportunity to exchange simple but delicious recipes with fellow chefs. If you are not a member yet, become one and start finding a recipe that will be the right one for you.